2019 Ford F450/F550 4WD – Dual Steering Stabilizers

Obtain increased control of oversized tires and wheels with Fabtech’s Dirt Logic 2.25 Dual Steering Stabilizer kit. This bolt on kit provides damping for the stock steering system of the vehicle to reduce tire shake caused by large tires both on and offroad.

Steering stabilizers that are located on the front axle can take a beating from rocks and road debris causing small chips in the stabilizer body and piston rod that lead to rust. The Dirt Logic 2.25 stabilizers feature stainless steel bodies and NitroSteel® piston rods for maximum corrosion resistance. No other Ford Super Duty steering stabilizer kit has these high quality materials.

Dual Steering Stabilizer System (Opposing Style) w/ Dirt Logic 2.25 Shocks – FTS22313

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS22313 Dual Dirt Logic Steering Stabilizer (Opposing Style)

Dual Steering Stabilizer System (Opposing Style) w/ Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shocks – FTS22314

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS22314 Dual Dirt Logic Resi Steering Stabilizer (Opposing Style)


207. Fits 4″, 6″ & 8″ Fabtech suspension systems only.