2020 Jeep Gladiator 4WD – Cargo Rack

Fabtech’s Jeep Gladiator Cargo Bed Rack is a heavy duty, mid height rack designed to hold additional cargo with optional mounts for trail tools and bicycles.

Unlike the typical construction contractor looking bed racks that can make the vehicle feel top heavy when driving, the Fabtech rack keeps things low and compact. The rugged three piece design clamps to the inside of the factory bed rails or to the bed track for a quick and easy installation. No holes to drill.

This multi-function Gladiator bed rack is great for additional cargo storage above the bed rail leaving the entire bed floor open.

Predrilled holes in the bed rack allow the installation of the optional Fabtech accessory mounts. Quality bolt on mounts allow for a Hi-Lift Jack, Shovel, two RotopaX, two Bicycles and two Tread Boards to be mounted. If you opt for no accessory mounts, the rack can be installed with the predrilled holes against the back of the cab so there are no unsightly empty holes showing. Clean and sleek.

There are many Jeep Gladiator bed racks on the market but none have the versatility, strength and style like the Fabtech bed rack.

Cargo Rack – FTS24256

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS24256 Cargo Rack


Cargo Rack Bike Mount Kit – FTS24263

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS24263 Cargo Rack Bike Mount

Cargo Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit – FTS24266

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS24266 Cargo Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit

Cargo Rack Shovel Mount Kit – FTS24264

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS24264 Cargo Rack Shovel Mount

Cargo Rack Traction Board Mount Kit – FTS24265

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS24265 Cargo Rack Traction Board Mount Kit