7″ Lift Shocks

Dirt Logic Shocks

Front Dirt Logic 4.0 Resi Coilover

The Dirt Logic 4.0 provides the ultimate in hardcore offroad dampening capacity with superior highway comfort in a big package. This massive high end shock is designed for full size vehicles that required the biggest and best Coilover shock in a bolt on configuration. Nothing else comes close.

  • 4.0″ OD Stainless Steel Body
  • 3 5/8″ OD Billet Aluminum Piston
  • 1 1/4″ NitroSteel® Black Piston Rod
  • Cold Wound Coil Springs
  • Adjustable Coilover Construction
  • 3/4″ Spherical Ball Mounting Ends
  • 4.0″ OD Aluminum Remote Resi

Rear Dirt Logic 2.25

Dirt Logic 2.25’s are designed to replace factory shocks with a larger, more robust configuration. The 2.25 size is what separates it from other replacement take apart shocks for a superior ride, both on and off road. Shocks are pretuned for each Fabtech suspension, accounting for larger tires, providing the finest all around damping.

  • 2.25″ OD Stainless Steel Body
  • 2.0″ OD Billet Aluminum Piston
  • 7/8″ NitroSteel® Black Piston Rod
  • Polyurethane Mounting Ends