In coordination with Ford Motor Company this project vehicle’s concept build was conceived with two primary missions.

The first and foremost was to design and build multiple suspension systems, shocks and accessories for the 2008 Super Duty platform that would eventually be produced for consumers. The second part, which was unique to this build, revolved around this project vehicle’s “crusher truck” status.

A “crusher truck” is a vehicle that must be given back to an auto manufacturer for them to dispose of, or crush after a build up. Typically this is due to the fact that the vehicle may be constructed of pre-production parts, not have passed all safety tests and/or does not fall within certain quality control criteria of the manufacturer. Regardless of the reason, this project truck, named “Summit Force”, would only have a lifespan of 18 months. A very short time for Fabtech to share it with the world.

After the creative minds at Fabtech stomached that this year’s Ford project truck would end up as a crusher they embraced the project with two build objectives. They proposed to keep the build cost as low as possible but give the vehicle something unique and fresh only possible on a vehicle with a short lifespan. This is where the concept of removing the paint and grinding the entire body was conceived. The vehicle would not be around long enough to rust after the sheetmetal was stripped and ground.

In the end, this concept did cost more than expected due to the investment of over 120 plus man hours of distressing the sheetmetal with sanders plus covering the whole truck in 18 coats of clear and candy. This is the most unique and stunning body treatment ever created on a truck and had to be seen in person to really appreciate the beauty.

The following build images and video depict just a small portion of the craftsmanship that went into this one of a kind truck that will never be seen again. RIP Summit Force.

  • 10″ 4 Link System – Fabtech
    Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilovers – Fabtech
    Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shocks – Fabtech
    Front Hydraulic Bump Stops – Fabtech
    Dirt Logic Dual Steering Stabilizers – Fabtech
    Traction Bars – Fabtech
    Bed Cover – Fabtech
  • Bumper Light Bar – Fabtech
    Auxillary Light – PIAA USA
    Flat Spare Tire Mount – Fabtech
    Tires 37/1550R17 Mud Terrain – Toyo
    Wheels – American Racing
    Aluminum Diff Covers – ORU
    Bead Rings – Fabtech
  • Exhaust – Jardine
    Electric Side Steps – AMP
    Spray in Bedliner – Rhino
    Billet Grill – Precision
    Graphic Design – Fabtech
    Paint – House of Kolor
    Paint Artist – Haynie Designs
    Sheet Metal Sanding Technique – Fabtech