Our 6” Performance System for the Steel component version has been designed utilizing our industry leading crossmember and spindle technology.

Extensive design work was given to the extended length steering knuckles to keep track width near stock and working properly with the Stablitrac® safety functions.

The rear suspension is upgraded with add a leafs and 5” tall blocks and u bolts.

What sets this 6” Performance system apart from our 6” Basic is the Dirt Logic Shocks. The factory front Coilover shocks are replaced with Dirt Logic 2.5 or 4.0 Coilovers that have been ride tuned by our in house shock experts to provide a supple highway ride with excellent offroad damping. These Coilovers include Eibach coil springs for the best possible ride. The rear suspension receives Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks that are tuned for a compliant highway ride with great offroad capability. Dirt Logics are the finest shocks you can buy for your vehicle and will provide a quality ride you can feel each time you drive.