Thank you for visiting Fabtech's sponsorship section. If you are interested in sponsorship support from Fabtech for your vehicle or event, please read the following requirements and guidelines. If you meet the requirements for sponsorship, submit a formal, written request that provides more information about your event or vehicle. Based on the number of requests we receive, allow at least 3-4 weeks for a response.

Please Note: All sponsorship proposals are reviewed; however we are not able to accept all requests received.

Sponsorship Qualifications and Guidelines

Event Support

  • Event is relevant to the FABTECH brand
  • Event takes place in an appropriate environment
  • FABTECH products play a key role with the event
  • The event is relevant to FABTECH audiences
  • The event offers global/regional/local synergy

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Vehicle Support

  • Vehicle is relevant to the FABTECH brand
  • FABTECH products are used as originally intended
  • FABTECH logo is placed in a prominent location on the vehicle
  • FABTECH products will not be substituted for another brand
  • Minimum marketing activity of 18 months

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