Why Dirt Logic Shocks Are The Best

The best shocks only get better with all new Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction. High grade 304 Stainless Steel shock bodies eclipse all other shocks on the market for maximum corrosion resistance. Each Stainless Steel shock body receives a finely detailed machine finish for a stunning appearance.

Dirt Logic Stainless Steel reservoir shocks have been upgraded with black anodized 6061 Aluminum reservoir bodies. This includes both piggyback and remote reservoir shocks. The Aluminum resi construction allows for greater heat dissipation thereby keeping the shock cooler to reduce fade during aggressive offroad use.

Finally each Dirt Logic piston rod has been upgraded to a NitroSteel® material that is super hard while providing increased corrosion resistance compared to chromed piston rods. Get the finest ride with maximum corrosion resistance only from Dirt Logic shocks.

In addition to the specific Dirt Logics for each suspension system, there is also a line of universal Dirt Logic shocks available in reservoir and non-reservoir styles, ranging from 8 to 16 inches of stroke. These universal shocks are sold with universal hardware kits for easy installation.

Dirt Logic 2.0″ and 2.25″ shocks feature urethane bushings in the mounting points to reduce road noise and rattling associated with spherical bearings. Dirt Logic coilover shocks utilize spherical bearings at each end for increased strength along with urethane misalignment cups in the top caps. The misalignment cups keep the road noise transferred through spherical bearings to a minimum.

Dirt Logic 2.5″ and 4.0″ coilover shocks use coil springs made to the highest quality standards possible. All Dirt Logic coils posses the ability to go solid without breaking, settling or bowing. All Dirt Logic coilover shocks come preset with the proper amount of preload so they can be bolted on without any further adjustment necessary.

Dirt Logics are available with or without an external reservoir. External reservoirs are used to accommodate additional oil and nitrogen volume. The additional oil volume helps keep the shock cooler. The additional gas volume helps to keep more consistent control forces over a variety of temperatures.

1. Separate Gas and Oil Construction

Dirt Logic shocks utilize a dividing piston to separate the high pressure nitrogen gas from the oil. This design keeps the shock from fading and helps retain a consistent ride at all times. Some competitor’s shocks do not separate the oil and gas with a dividing piston, creating an emulsion shock. Emulsion shocks are not a good design. Performance of an emulsion will decrease quickly with heavy use. Quality Dirt Logic shocks have dividing pistons to separate the gas and oil for the best possible ride and performance.

2. Aluminum Reservoir

The 6061 Aluminum resi construction allows for greater heat dissipation thereby keeping the shock cooler to reduce fade during aggressive offroad use.

3. Ride Tuned

Each Dirt Logic shock has been extensively ride tuned by vehicle suspension application to provide a comfortable highway ride with good offroad damping. Fabtech has taken the time to do this extensive shock tuning to get the most out of the ride. No generic “60/40” or “70/30” valving as others have done.

4. Shock Body Material

High grade 304 Stainless Steel shock bodies eclipse all other shocks on the market for maximum corrosion resistance.

5. Length Specific

The correct length shock by suspension application is paramount for proper functionality. Fabtech is the only manufacturer that builds both suspension and take apart shocks in house for complete compatibility. This is very important as when a suspension system is designed it can have a different rate of travel even if it is for the same vehicle. There is no one shock that fits all 4″ or 6″ suspension systems on the market for the same application. Only Fabtech has designed the specific length shock that fits the suspension properly without compression or rebound binding issues.

6. Aluminum finish

Our polished black anodized finish is a neutral tone that goes with every color vehicle. It is subtle and is accented by the stainless steel shock body for a high end appearance. Before the black anodizing process takes place the aluminum parts are polished. This additional step of polishing creates a smooth surface for the anodizing to coat leaving a deep black luster.

Developed In California

All Dirt Logic shocks are designed and tested at our R&D facility in Chino, California. Then meticulously assembled by hand in our South Carolina manufacturing plant.


The Dirt Logic 4.0 provides the ultimate in hardcore offroad damping capacity with superior highway comfort in a big package. This massive high end shock is designed for full size vehicles that required the biggest and best Coilover shock in a bolt on configuration. Nothing else comes close.

• 4.0″ OD Stainless Steel Body
• 3 5/8″ OD Billet Aluminum Piston
• 1.25″ NitroSteel® Black Piston Rod
• Adjustable Coilover Construction
• 3/4″ Spherical Ball Mounting Ends
• 4.0″ OD Piggyback, Remote Resi or Non Resi


From our desert racing experience the Dirt Logic 2.5 has been developed for exceptional performance in a variety of Coilover applications. The Dirt Logic 2.5 will provide incredible damping capacity for aggressive offroad driving.

• 2.50″ OD Stainless Steel body
• 2.25″ OD Billet Aluminum Piston
• 7/8″ NitroSteel® Black Piston Rod
• Adjustable Coilover Construction
• 5/8″ Spherical Ball Mounting Ends
• Optional 2.5″ OD Aluminum Reservoir w/-8 Stainless Steel O-ring Hose


Dirt Logic 2.25’s are designed to replace factory shocks with a larger, more robust configuration. The 2.25 size is what separates it from other replacement take apart shocks for a superior ride, both on and off road. Shocks are pretuned for each Fabtech suspension, accounting for larger tires, providing the finest all around damping.

• 2.25″ OD Stainless Steel Body
• 2.0″ OD Billet Aluminum Piston
• 7/8″ NitroSteel® Black Piston Rod
• Polyurethane Mounting Ends
• Optional 2.25″ OD Aluminum Reservoir w/-6 Stainless Steel O-ring Hose


Race quality hydraulic Dirt Logic Bump Stops will aid in cushioning heavy suspension compression in severe use. The Dirt Logic 2.25 Bump Stops are available in kit form for specific applications or individually for custom applications.

Also available for custom fabrication use is the Dirt Logic 2.5 Bump Stops for extreme use.


Constructed of 6061 aluminum, these optional clamps securely attach the Dirt Logic 2.25 reservoir’s to the shock body. Anodized and laser etched, these clamps will add a finished look to any vehicles shock system. Sold as an individual clamp.


Utilizing our Dirt Logic 2.25 shock design we have developed a steering stabilizer that will provide the ultimate in steering damping for use with oversized tires and wheels. These Dirt Logic Steering Stabilizers are designed for vehicle specific applications and will complete your vehicle’s Dirt Logic Shock upgrade.