1.5″ Coil Assist Kit – Front Bilstein B6 Struts w/Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Auxiliary Shocks & Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Shocks – K9004DL

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NOTE- Bilstein struts are back ordered at this time. Place your order to reserve struts as there will be limited supply once available.


2015-21 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4WD

The front suspension of a Sprinter van utilizes a MacPherson strut to provide damping. The stock struts leave a lot to be desired on their own once you upfit the van for overland use or haul cargo. Fabtech offers a solution to this problem by utilizing a Bilstein strut with their high-quality cold wound coil spring.

The coil springs are positioned around the strut bodies. They provide an additional lift to the vehicle of 1"-1.5" over stock. This creates increased ground clearance and clearance of larger tires for off-road use. Additionally, they help reduce sway for vans with full interior build-outs or hauling heavy cargo.

The coil springs utilize billet aluminum upper and lower coils seats that slide over the strut. They are positioned to the correct ride height and create a secure mounting for the springs.

To further enhance the vehicle’s suspension Fabtech has also developed an Auxiliary Front Shock kit for a complete upgrade. The kit adds two high-quality Fabtech built Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks with valving specific to the Sprinter van. The valving will provide a superior ride quality for both loaded and unloaded vans. The Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks are constructed with a stainless steel bodies that provide maximum corrosion resistance in all conditions.

These heavy-duty auxiliary shock mounts are built with 1/4" thick steel and attach to the suspension subframe only. There is no attachment to the unibody structure. This type of mounting is vastly superior to other shock kits that mount to the unibody. By mounting to the subframe this helps isolate road noise and eliminates potential stress to the unibody. With only two holes to drill for installation, it takes about 1-2 hours with no removal of the interior required.

This Sprinter van coil assist kit and auxiliary shocks are the perfect upgrade for Sprinter owners looking for increased suspension damping for highway and offroad trails.


  • The high-quality cold-wound coil springs for longevity and ride quality
  • Billet aluminum upper and lower coils seats properly locate the coil springs
  • Increases ride height for more ground clearance and helps reduce body sway
  • Additional shock damping for upfitted vans and/or hauling heavy cargo
  • Brackets attach to subframe for a quiet ride
  • No interior removal required for installation
  • Retains factory travel and alignment

Part Numbers

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS28001 Auxiliary Front Shock Kit
1 FTS28004 Coil Assist Kit w/Bilstein B6
1 FTS28009 Rear Box Kit
1 FTS28011 Wheel Spacer Kit
1 FTS80162D Front Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shock [Driver]
1 FTS80162P Front Dirt Logic 2.25 Resi Shock [Passenger]
2 FTS81165 Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Shock

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    248. Contains front wheel spacer kit only. For rear wheel spacer kit, order additional 1 each FTS28011.