2.5″ Lift Kit w/ Stealth Shocks – K2376M

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2008-16 Ford F250/F350 4WD

This Super Duty lift kit is perfect for the enthusiast looking to run oversized tires and wants additional wheel travel for offroad use. With the large Super Duty wheelwell openings and this quality 2.5" lift kit, you can run 35" tall tires with ease.

Fabtech’s coil springs retain the factory load carrying capacity while providing increased suspension travel. The coil springs and associated bracketry allow for an additional inch of compression travel over stock without binding the suspension. This extra travel helps when offroading in rugged terrain.

Sway bar drop brackets are included to reposition the front bar so that the link ends do not go over center at full droop and cause bind. The brake lines are relocated down on the frame with extension brackets to eliminate the possibility of overstretching the lines throughout the new travel range. Fabtech provides extension brackets rather than longer brake lines to keep the factory brake system sealed for fast and trouble-free installation.

This suspension kit utilizes the factory bump stops without extensions. This allows for more travel with the Fabtech coil springs and components.

To help keep the factory alignment specifications of the vehicle, Fabtech includes 2 degree adjustable alignment ball joint inserts. They help retain the factory caster specifications for optimum driveability.

After a Super Duty is lifted the front axle is pushed to one side due to the length of the track bar. To address this issue Fabtech provides a heavy-duty adjustable track bar. The Fabtech track bar allows for on the vehicle adjustment to center the axle under the vehicle. This provides proper tracking of the front and rear axle for excellent highway manners.

This Super Duty lift kit includes Fabtech Stealth shocks. They are a sealed monotube shock that has a Nitrocarb piston rod for corrosion resistance and resist rock chipping. They will provide a great highway ride with good offroad damping capacity.

With the installation of this 2.5" lift the vehicle’s stance front to rear will be nearly flat compared to the factory nose-down appearance. For owners that want to retain more of the factory nose-down appearance, Fabtech offers an optional 4" rear block kit (FTS22214). The 4" blocks replace the factory 2.5" blocks and will provide an additional 1.5" of lift over stock.

Fabtech’s R&D team has taken the time to thoroughly cycle this suspension and check all the associated pivot points and joints for a bind free, reliable operation. This is a quality Super Duty lift kit that will provide a very comfortable highway ride with additional suspension travel for offroad use. A perfect blend for the discerning Super Duty enthusiast.


  • Front Coil Springs
  • Adjustable Track Bar
  • Sway Bar Drop Brackets
  • Brakeline Extension Brackets

Part Numbers

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS22328 Component Box
1 FTS92030 Adjustable Track Bar
2 FTS6191 Front Stealth Shocks
2 FTS6063 Rear Stealth Shocks

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    3. Non dually models only.
    167. Fits diesel models only.