3″ Ball Joint UCA Lift Kit w/ Rear Stealth Shocks – K3168M

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2019-23 RAM 1500 REBEL 4WD

This 3" Ram lift kit has been designed to provide a superior ride quality with clearance to run 35" tires for both on and offroad use. The mild lift height is subtle yet gives the vehicle a commanding stance without over doing it.

Fabtech engineers took considerable time to cycle and test the 3" lift with their heavy duty ball joint upper control arms. There is no bind throughout the suspension travel and steering operation. The steering will go full lock to lock without any loss of the turning radius.

The factory Ram upper control arm is made of plastic with a light duty ball joint. Fabtech’s Upper Control Arms are constructed of tubular steel with large robust ball joints that provide strength to the suspension. These Fabtech upper control arms are a substantial upgrade for aggressive offroad use.

Front lift is accomplished with a steel spacer that bolts to the top of factory coilover shock and a small coil spring collar that is placed below the coil spring. The combination of these two spacers provide a full 3" of lift while providing proper suspension travel without bind.

The rear suspension receives a coil spring spacer to lift the vehicle. This helps keep the vehicle’s factory stance without effecting the ride quality.

This Ram lift kit includes Fabtech Stealth shocks. They are a sealed monotube shock that has a Nitrocarb piston rod for corrosion resistance and resist rock chipping. They will provide a great highway ride with good offroad damping capacity.

This high quality 3" Ram lift kit is easy to install and will provide years of service while adding strength and reliability to the vehicle.

Part Numbers

Qty Part # Description
1 FTS23202 Ball Joint UCA Component Box
1 FTS23205 Shock Spacers
2 FTS6016 Rear Stealth Shocks

  -  California Prop 65 Warning

    14. Can not use OEM wheel and tire.
    130. Will not fit factory air suspension.
    203. Does not fit 2019 Ram 1500 classic models.