4″ Lift Kit w/ Aluminum UCA w/ Front Dirt Logic 3.0 Resi Coilovers & Rear Dirt Logic 3.0 Resi Smooth Body Shocks – K2366DL

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2017-20 Ford F150 Raptor 4WD

When you’re ready to run 37" tires on your Raptor and have the ultimate shock system to go with it then this is the kit for you.

The lift features heavy duty ductile iron steering knuckles designed to handle 37" tall tires with the vehicle’s ESC (electronic stability control) and Traction Control. Typically, 37" tires will cause steering and brake issues on the factory Ford steering knuckles. Fabtech knuckles are designed for the oversized tires and will provide years of trouble free service.

The lower Raptor control arms are relocated with 1/4" thick steel Crossmembers and comes with a 1/4" thick steel differential skid plate. To keep the front CV angles proper with the new ride height, the front differential is relocated down between the crossmembers for smooth 4WD operation.

Fabtech’s Billet Aluminum Upper Control Arms replace the factory weak ball joint arms for severe offroad use with superior construction and awesome looks. The Billet UCA feature 1.25 Stainless Uniballs and 3/4" heims at the frame for rock solid suspension performance.

The front Raptor shocks are replaced with Dirt Logic 3.0 Coilovers that feature a remote reservoir compression adjuster. This allows for a compliant highway ride with the ability to adjust the compression damping for aggressive offroad use. The rear Dirt Logic 3.0 Smooth Body shocks allow for 12" of wheel travel with a remote reservoir that has a compression adjuster for increased damping control.

The Dirt Logic 3.0 shocks will provide a noticeable increase in damping for Raptor owners looking to take their vehicle to the next level in suspension performance.

Part Numbers

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS22176 Component Box 1
1 FTS22268 Component Box 2
1 FTS22292 Aluminum Upper Control Arms
1 FTS22323 Front Dirt Logic 3.0 Resi Coilovers
1 FTS22290 Rear Dirt Logic 3.0 Resi Smooth Body Shocks

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    14. Cannot use OEM wheel and tire.
    55. Must use aftermarket 18″ wheels or larger.
    217. Removal of factory shocks on 2019-20 models will cause dash warning light illumination. Contact Off-road Research for damper interface module to correct warning light.