6″ 4 Link Lift Kit – Performance Shocks – K2431

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2023-24 Ford F450/F550 4WD [Diesel]

Fabtech’s 4 Link lift kit for the Ford F450/F550 Super Duty has been designed to provide improved on road performance with the ability to tackle the most rugged offroad terrain. This high end system is a bolt on replacement to the factory Radius Arm suspension and comes with everything needed to convert to a 4 Link front suspension.

The lift kit will provide less caster change throughout the travel range which benefits on road driving. Offroad the 4 Link lift kit will provide more articulation than a Radius Arm for increased terrain traversing at all speeds.

This 4 Link lift kit comes complete with replacement coil springs, billet sway bar links, track bar relocation bracket, pitman arm and more. Rear lift is a block & u-bolt kit.

Fabtech’s 4 Link lift kit has been proven in over 10 years of service in military applications. High quality components with properly designed suspension geometry is the pinnacle of Super Duty suspension systems. Included is a free 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain warranty.

Each Fabtech component is expertly built in house and has specific design features and benefits.


  • Fabtech Heavy Duty Link Arms
  • Fabtech Front Coil Springs
  • Trac Bar Relocation Bracket
  • Sway Bar Drop Brackets
  • Pitman Arm
  • Rear Block & U-bolt Kit


2″ OD Heavy wall link arms have 1/4″ thick steel brackets on the axle side with adjustable alignment cams to dial in the caster for the new ride height. Fabtech’s legendary 5 Ton joints® are used on the frame pivot side for superior strength. The 5 Ton joints® have been proven in military use for over 10 years and come with a lifetime warranty against wearing out.

The 4 Link Arms attach to 1/4″ thick steel frame brackets that integrate into the factory Radius Arm brackets for a solid mounting of the new suspension.

The geometry of the 4 Link arms and frame brackets has been designed to provide an improved highway ride due to reduced caster change and able to tackle rough offroad conditions better than a Radius Arm suspension.


hot wound coils have been designed for a very compliant ride quality both on and offroad. Each coil is preset during the manufacturing process to insure no ride height settling over time. Allows for a 2″ increase in wheel travel over stock when used with Fabtech shock absorbers.


1/4″ thick steel bracketry repositions the factory track bar to center the axle under the vehicle with the increased lift height. Super stout box style bracket is designed to eliminate deflection when the track bar moves through its full cycle.


Forged steel construction with high strength material that exceeds the factory specifications. Designed specifically for the Ford Super Duty to work in conjunction with the factory drag link and Fabtech’s Track Bar bracket for proper steering functionality.


Heavy duty 1/4″ thick steel brackets extend the factory bump stop cushions down to eliminate over cycling of the suspension. The bracket’s semi boxed construction can handle the full impact compression of the massive Super Duty.


1/4″ thick steel drop brackets re-position the front sway bar for the increased ride height. This allows the sway bar link ends to fully cycle without binding throughout the extended travel range.


Re-positions the factory brake lines down on the frame for the new travel range without having to open the brake system. Keeps factory fluid system intact.


Retains the stock Ford heavy duty steering stabilizer with a 1/4″ thick steel bracket and support brace to help reduce tire shimmy.


Rear lift blocks replace the stock blocks for additional lift without changing the ride quality of the factory rear suspension or load carrying capacity.


U-Bolts designed to attach the entire rear differential to the vehicle. A critical part that demands the best quality for your vehicle.

Part Numbers

Qty Part # Description
1 FTS22251 Coil Box Kit
1 FTS22375 Component Box 1
1 FTS22386 Component Box 2
1 FTS22274 Rear Box Kit
2 FTS7188 Front Performance Shock
2 FTS7266 Rear Performance Shock

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    42. Will not fit gas motors.
    101. Some models may not sit level after install.
    257. Does not fit vehicles equipped with Ford onboard scale system.