6″ Lift Kit – Front Shock Spacers & Rear Performance Shocks – K1132



2019-24 Chevy Silverado 1500 | GMC Sierra 1500 4WD

Fabtech’s Basic System features our world renowned IFS suspension design for the Chevy/GMC 1500 providing excellent drive ability both on and offroad. There is zero bump steer throughout the suspension cycle that helps reduce drive fatigue while improving the overall drive ability of the vehicle.

The near stock track width keeps the tires under the fenders for a clean appearance. Fabtech’s proprietary steering knuckle geometry provides excellent lock to lock turning radius to maneuver in tight spots.

Heavy duty 1/4″ thick steel crossmembers feature OE style alignment cam pins that utilize the factory cams for easy adjustment. Triple front diff mounts reposition the differential for vibration free operation at high speed.

The factory coilover shocks are relocated from the bottom to allow for full steer while achieving 6’ of lift. Rear lift is accomplished with a 5″ Block and u-bolt system.

Fabtech has addressed all aspects of the suspension for proper wheel travel and lock to lock steering without over cycling. Comes with a free 5 year 60,000 mile Powertrain Warranty.



1/4″ thick steel lower control arm Crossmembers are arched for maximum ground clearance. The welded box design of these Crossmembers provides additional strength to the front suspension. Retains factory alignment cams for easy adjustment.


Fabtech’s extended length ductile iron Steering Knuckles provide zero bump steer throughout the suspension travel. This provides an enhanced driver experience compared to stock. Near stock track width keeps the tires under the fenders for a clean appearance.


Oversized tie rods are provided to replace the stock units that are designed to handle oversized tires.


The factory Coilovers are relocated with heavy duty lower mounts to lift the vehicle while retaining the stock ride quality.


A heavy duty front differential Skid Plate is constructed of 1/4″ thick steel to protect the diff from offroad obstacles.


Triple Differential Mounts properly reposition the front diff for the precise CV and driveshaft angle to reduce driveline vibration at high speed.


1/4″ thick steel drop brackets reposition the front sway bar for the increased ride height. This allows the sway bar link ends to fully cycle without binding throughout the extended travel range.


Billet spacers relocate the factory closed cell bump stops to control the travel eliminating over cycling of the suspension.


5″ tall steel rear lift blocks replace the factory blocks for additional lift without changing the ride quality or load carrying capacity.


U-Bolts designed to attach the entire rear differential to the vehicle. A critical part that demands the best quality for your vehicle.


Extended length twin tube shocks provide a good highway ride with the ability to handle offroad use.

Part Numbers

Qty Part # Description
1 FTS21250 Component Box 1
1 FTS21251 Component Box 2
1 FTS21252 Shock Extension Kit
2 FTS7240 Rear Performance Shock

California Prop 65 Warning

    14. Can not use OEM wheel and tire.
    79. Fits crew cab, short bed models only.
    197. Will not fit models equipped with adaptive ride control.
    198. Does not fit models with composite rear leaf springs.
    199. Does not fit GMC AT4 or Chevy Trail Boss models.
    202. Does not fit 2019 Chevy Silverado LD or 2019 GMC Sierra Limited 1500 models. Use 2018 model application for these vehicles.
    262. Will not fit vehicles equipped with Super Cruise.