2014-18 Chevy Silverado 1500 | GMC Sierra 1500 2WD/4WD

Our 6” Performance System has been designed utilizing our industry leading crossmember and spindle technology.

The front high arched 1/4" thick steel crossmember has been formed to fit to the bottom of the frame without having to cut or modify it for a fast installation. Extensive design work was given to the extended length steering knuckles specifically for the Aluminum component version keeping track width near stock and working properly with the Stablitrac® safety functions.

The front differential is relocated with heavy duty brackets while a tightly formed 1/4 ” thick steel skid plate provides protection for offroad use. The rear suspension is upgraded with add a leafs and 5” tall blocks and u bolts.

What sets this 6” Performance system apart from our 6” Basic is the Dirt Logic Shocks. The factory front Coilover shocks are replaced with massive Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilovers for the ultimate in damping capacity. One look at these huge Coilovers and you’ll know that you have the biggest shock package under your truck for hardcore offroad use. The Dirt Logic 4.0’s have been ride tuned by our shock engineers to provide a supple highway ride with outstanding damping. The rear suspension receives Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks that are tuned for a compliant highway ride with great offroad capability. Dirt Logics are the finest shocks you can buy for your vehicle and will provide a quality ride you can feel each time you drive.


  • Front lower control arm Crossmember forms to bottom of frame without cutting
  • Offset ductile Steering Knuckles keep tires under fenders
  • Includes Crossmember cross tubes to distribute front suspension impact loads
  • Massive Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilovers for unparalleled offroad damping
  • Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks provide increased damping and smooth ride
  • Systems compatible with factory Stablitrac®

Part Numbers

Qty Part # Description
1 FTS21137 Component Box 1
1 FTS21139 Component Box 2 – Aluminum
2 FTS835032 Front Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilovers
2 FTS810562 Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Non Resi

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    1. Will not fit models with Factory AutoRide shocks.
    8. Will not fit all wheel drive models.
    14. Cannot use OEM wheel and tire.
    17. Does not fit standard cab.
    136. Some vehicles may experience front driveline vibration in 4WD. Order FTS21192 CV Driveshaft Kit if occurs.