Adjustable Cowl Light Mounts – FTS24270

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2018-23 Jeep JL 4WD

2020-23 Jeep Gladiator 4WD

These adjustable light mounts allow auxiliary driving lights to be mounted forward of the Jeep windshield / A pillar and above the front fender. The adjustable feature allows the lights to be moved inward and outward of the vehicle. This provides the ability to fold the Jeep windshield down without removal of the lights.

When the mount is in its collapsed position (inboard), the auxiliary light is inward of the vertical side of the fender. This is a desired positioned of an auxiliary light for protection against impacts of tree branches and similar obstacles can that obstruct an offroad trail.

When the mount is adjusted outboard, the auxiliary light is then positioned outward of the windshield A pillar. This allows the windshield to be tilted down to the hood. The purpose of the factory folding windshield is to provide an open air driving experience when offroad.

To adjust the mount, there is a locking mechanism that is operated by hand without the use of a tool. It releases tension on the mount so that it can slide inward and outward of the vehicle. Once the mount is in the desired location, the mechanism can apply pressure to securely retain that position.

With the addition of this product, Jeep owners can enjoy the advantage of having an auxiliary light in the optimum position while having the freedom to raise or lower the windshield at any time.

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  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    235. Does not fit 4XE, 392, or mojave models.