Coil Correction Kit – FTS24280

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2018-24 Jeep JL 4WD

2020-24 Jeep Gladiator 4WD

Fabtech’s Coil Correction kit is designed to help straighten the front coil springs on Jeep JL & JT models. Some Jeeps have a pronounced bow in the stock front coil springs and /or after the installation of aftermarket coil springs. This is an inherent trait of the Jeep JL & JT front suspension. Many Jeeps come from the factory with bowed front springs while other Jeeps do not have a bow. There is a variance in the angles of the upper coil spring bucket and the lower coil spring axle mount. Depending on these variances it may cause springs to bow.

This Coil Correction kit is offered as an option to help straighten the front coil springs should there be coil interference with other suspension parts as it cycles. This kit addresses both the upper angle and lower angle of the coil spring seats to help straighten the spring.

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1 FTS24280 Component Box

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