Parts or components that are covered under this warranty

Fabtech provides warranty coverage on powertrain parts that are internally lubricated as listed below and have become damaged directly due to a Fabtech suspension system and nothing else. All listed Powertrain parts must be maintained per the vehicle manufacturer guidelines by a factory car dealer or ASE Certified Repair Center and provide service records to verify the maintenance schedule. The warranty applies to qualifying suspension systems purchased on or after January 1st, 2015.


All internally lubricated parts, oil pump, timing belt or chain, water pump, manifolds, harmonics balancer, engine mounts, turbocharger housing, internal parts and vanes. Note: Cases, housings, engine block and cylinder heads are only covered if damaged by the failure of an internal lubricated part.

Automatic Transmission

All internally lubricated parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator.

Manual Transmission

All internally lubricated parts. Does not include pressure plate, clutch, throwout bearings, pilot bearing or bushing, clutch master or slave cylinders, bellhousing.

Transfer Case

All internally lubricated parts.


Front and rear driveshafts, carrier bearing, u-joints.

Front Drive Axle

All internally lubricated parts, axle shaft, constant velocity joints, front hub bearings.

Rear Drive Axle

All internally lubricated parts, axle shafts, wheel bearings.

What is not covered

All vehicle parts or components not listed on the Powertrain Warranty Coverage list are excluded from this warranty. Fabtech makes no claim to coverage of parts not listed on the above Powertrain Warranty Parts list.

On going maintenance, wearable items, parts replaced due to wear and labor are not covered. Brakes, steering, linkages, fuel systems, fluids, factory shock absorbers, actuators and all other systems and parts not listed above. Vehicle performance, fuel mileage and / or operation will age with the vehicle and are not part of this warranty. All parts listed for coverage must be unaltered or not modified from factory equipped.

Damage caused by accidents or collision, abusive driving, flooding water, fire, rollover, racing, incorrect fuel type, low fluid levels, leaks, act of god, vandalism, fluid additives or tampering with factory sealed housings, cases and environmental exposure are not covered. Vehicles that are used for commercial or fleet use are excluded.

Fabtech is not responsible for consequential damages arising from a claim or damage including but not limited to towing, rental car, lodging and other associated consequential cost. Fabtech reserves the right to appoint the facility of their choice should a repair be approved. No repair will be conducted that exceeds the NADA wholesale value of the vehicle or the amount you paid for the vehicle. The title of the vehicle must not be a salvage title during the warranty period.

Coverage Period

Warranty coverage is limited to the period of the first 5 years or 60,000 miles of the vehicles life or whichever comes first. It does not replace the factory warranty during this period when in effect. No claim can be made against the FIVE SIXTY Warranty if a factory warranty is in place and will cover the repair. Should the factory warranty be in effect and deny coverage with supported by written documentation on a claim in the first 5 year or 60,000 mile period of the vehicle the FIVE SIXTY Warranty program will come into effect. The warranty applies to qualifying suspension systems purchased on or after August 1st, 2013.

Registration Process

It is solely the consumer / owner of the vehicle’s responsibility to register for the FIVE SIXTY Warranty Program. The purchase and installation of a qualifying kit does not active this warranty. The warranty period does not start until the consumer / owner registers online and is approved by Fabtech.

About a Claims and Repairs

It is your responsibility as the owner of the vehicle to file a claim should the need arise.

When applying for a warranty claim you must provide actual evidence as to why the Fabtech suspension has specifically caused damage to the vehicles powertrain parts that qualifies for coverage. Installation of the Fabtech suspension must be installed per Fabtech’s Installation Instructions in order to qualify. Suspensions that are misinstalled will void the FIVE SIXTY warranty.

All claims must be presented to Fabtech before any repairs are conducted. Fabtech must be given the opportunity to evaluate the claim and make arrangements with a facility of their choice to inspect and evaluate the vehicle. No repairs will begin without an inspection of the vehicle by a Fabtech representative after the factory dealer denies coverage. Fabtech will not pay for repairs that are not authorized by Fabtech.

Upon receiving a claim a Fabtech representative will contact you within 24 hours on weekdays and on the first business day following a weekend or holiday. Please be prepared to supply detailed information, documents and images of the vehicle so that the representative can evaluate how to help you. You will be instructed on where to take your vehicle for inspection.

An inspection of the vehicle will take place pending receiving a $100.00 claim processing fee from you for each time a Fabtech representative is on site.

Fabtech reserves the right to use factory or aftermarket parts similar to factory parts during a repair or replacement at their discretion. After the vehicle has been repaired the warranty period will continue to progress for the same time period and mileage as prior to the repair. An additional period or mileage warranty may apply to the repair at Fabtech’s discretion.

A claim that is filed with the date of occurrence prior to the registration acknowledgement date from Fabtech will not be covered. The FIVE SIXTY warranty program goes into effect as of the acknowledgement date notice from Fabtech. Not from the date of purchase or installation of the qualifying Fabtech kit.

No claims will be accepted without providing to Fabtech the original purchase and installation receipt along with all service records from a factory new car dealer or ASE certified repair facility to Fabtech.

This warranty program can be cancelled at anytime without notice.

Fabtech’s Limited Lifetime warranty on Fabtech parts may apply to vehicles that are outside the warranty period of the FIVE SIXTY warranty. Please see the Fabtech Limited Lifetime Warranty for details.

Applicable Law

This warranty shall be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Any action or proceeding brought by Fabtech or customer against the other arising out of related to this warranty shall be brought solely in a California court of competent jurisdiction, located in the County of Los Angeles, California, and Fabtech and customer hereby consent to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such courts of purposes of any such action or proceeding.

Attorney’s Fees

If any action is brought to enforce the terms of this warranty, the prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to recover its cost and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in such action, whether or not suit is prosecuted to final judgment.