As an industry exclusive Fabtech offers a unique Trade Up rebate program on their line of Leveling Kits and Suspension Systems to end consumers. Here is how it works.

A consumer purchases a Fabtech Leveling Kit and installs it on their vehicle. In the future the consumer desires to upgrade their vehicle’s suspension to a complete Fabtech Suspension System. They can remove the previously installed Leveling Kit and submit it, along with receipts of purchase of the old Leveling Kit and new Fabtech Suspension System for a rebate equal to the amount of the original Leveling Kit parts purchase.



This program only applies to the original consumer that purchased both the Fabtech Leveling Kit and Suspension System. This program is not transferable.

The Trade Up rebate program is limited to the listed Fabtech Leveling Kits and Suspension System part numbers only. No other manufacturer’s kits, systems or parts are eligible.

The consumer must submit to Fabtech both receipts of purchase for the Leveling Kit and the Suspension System along with the Leveling Kit parts and the completed rebate form. The consumer’s name must appear on both receipts and the rebate form as the same.

Application for the Trade Up rebate must be received by Fabtech within 90 days of the purchase of the new Suspension System.

Leveling Kit parts can be preinstalled or used and must match the Leveling Kit receipt part number.

The purchase of a Fabtech Leveling Kit and Suspension System does not automatically enroll and make a consumer eligible for the Trade Up program. Consumer must submit all required documents and parts to be eligible.

Labor and / or installation cost associated with the Leveling Kit and / or Suspension System is not eligible for this program.


All below items must be submitted to Fabtech for eligibility.

  • Both receipts of purchase of the Leveling Kit and the Suspension System
  • Old Leveling Kit parts
  • Completed rebate form


Click here to download the PDF form    DOWNLOAD

Shipping of parts and documentation

Consumer must send Fabtech, at their expense, the required documentation and Leveling Kit parts. Upon request, a box only will be supplied to the consumer free of charge for shipment of the Leveling Kit parts. Fabtech is not responsible for shipping cost from consumer to Fabtech.

Where to send Receipts, Parts and Rebate Form

ATTN: Fabtech – Trade Up Program
2213 Industrial Park RD.
Lancaster, SC 29720

Rebate Check Processing

Once all documentation and parts are received and verified for eligibility a check will be issued to the consumer within 45 days of receipt of items at Fabtech.

Verification Process

Fabtech reserves the right to verify and potentially decline a submission based on improper eligibility and / or a substantially inflated retail purchase price of the Leveling Kit compared to Fabtech’s (MSRP) manufacturers suggested retail price as shown on this website.