Jeep Differential Covers

Jeep Wrangler / Gladiator – Differential Covers

New Product – When you’re heading out on the trail make sure your Jeep is protected. Fabtech’s new heavy-duty differential covers will give you the confidence to tackle any obstacle on the trail.

The front diff cover functions as a protective differential gear inspection cover and skid plate as one unit. It offers protection to the differential gears with 1/4” thick steel construction to ward off frontal impacts of rocks while a contoured skid plate protects the bottom of the diff housing.

Jeep front axles have the differential gear drain plug at the bottom of the housing. This position lends itself to becoming impacted by rocks and obstacles when offroad.

Fabtech’s design solves this problem with the form-fitting skid plate that protects the drain plug while featuring an access hole to the drain plug when service is required.

The rear diff cover has the same heavy-duty steel construction and is a perfect complement to the front diff cover.

Front Differential Cover Skid Plate [M210 Axle]

Rear Differential Cover [M220 Axle]