3″ Crawler Lift Kit w/ Front Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilovers & Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Shocks – K4171DL

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2020-23 Jeep Gladiator 4WD

Fabtech’s Jeep Crawler long arm system with the Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilover Conversion is the pinnacle of Jeep suspension performance. The ride quality of this kit is outstanding with the ability to endure severe offroad use that is suited for core rock crawlers, overlanders or for those that just want a plush ride.

The conversion includes heavy duty 1/4" thick steel bracketry that attaches to the side of the Jeep coil spring bucket and to the frame for stout mounting of the Dirt Logic Coilovers. The Dirt Logic 2.5’s Coilovers are the only all stainless steel body shock on the market. This is the most corrosive resistant shock there is. The ride quality of these Coilovers are vastly superior to a coil spring and shock configuration. This is the single biggest improvement you can do to your Jeep Gladiator to enhance the ride quality both on and offroad.

A key part of the Crawler system is the link arm geometry. The location of the link arms to the frame is critical in providing superior handling throughout the travel range. Fabtech has found the sweet spot geometry for the link arms that provide a superior driving Jeep long arm system compared to all others on the market.

Front link arms are mounted to a full width crossmember that spans frame rail to frame rail. This crossmember is a key in not only in mounting the Links arms at the correct geometry but it adds critical strength to the Gladiator frame for hard offroad use. Rear links attach to the factory frame and axle brackets for an easy install.

The Fabtech lower Link Arms are massive and built of 2" OD .313" thick wall tubing that is guaranteed not to bend. Upper and lower Link Arms includes the Fabtech’s legendary 5 Ton joints® that come with lifetime guarantee of never wearing out. They are superior for offroad use with a smooth and quiet operation on the street.

Each Fabtech component has been designed with specific features and benefits that create this quality suspension system.

What’s In The Kit

  • Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilover Conversion
  • Front & Rear, Upper & Lower 5 Ton Link Arms
  • Front Link Arm Crossmember
  • Rear Lower Link Arm Mounts
  • Rear Corner Specific Dual Rate Coil Springs
  • Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Shocks
  • Front & Rear Bump Stop Extensions
  • Front & Rear Sway Bar Links
  • Front & Rear Brake Line Drops
  • Front & Rear Track Bar Brackets
  • Heavy Duty Flipped Draglink


Coilover Conversion

Bolt on super stout bracketry allows the mounting of Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilovers for a superior highway ride while having the ability to tackle the roughest offroad terrain.


Heavy duty is the only way to describe these massive 2" OD .313" wall Link Arms that are guaranteed not to bend and come with Fabtech’s exclusive 5 Ton Joints® with a lifetime warranty to never to wear out. Super strong on the trail while being smooth and quiet on the highway.

Link Arm Crossmember & Mounts

A key part of the mounting of the long arm links to the frame is the geometry and ground clearance. The location of the frame side of the Link Arms is critical in providing superior handling throughout the travel range. Fabtech has found the sweet spot for the Link Arms that provide a superior driving Long Arm Gladiator lift kit compared to all others on the market.

Front Link Arm mounts are a full crossmember that spans frame rail to frame rail with no welding required for installation. This crossmember adds strength to the frame that is critical when running big tires with lots or articulation on a Gladiator.

The rear frame mounts attach to the side of the frame increasing the approach angle of the lower links for increased clearance over large obstacles.


Corner specific Dual Rate coils springs provide a level stance side to side and offer factory load carrying capacity with a smooth ride.

As a true dual rate coil, the first stage of the coil allows the spring to respond to small bumps for a very complaint ride at lower speeds. As the spring travels further, the rate increases to absorb larger impacts and support cargo in the Jeep Gladiator.

These springs are the best on the market for all around driving while providing increased suspension travel for offroad use.


A heavy duty draglink is relocated on the steering knuckle to retain the factory steering geometry with the stock pitman arm. It provides bind free operation at full articulation and eliminates bump steer throughout the travel. It does not increase load on the steering box like a dropped pitman arm can.


To work in conjunction with the Draglink Flip System, the front Track Bar is relocated to the proper operating plane with a 3/16" thick steel bracket that welds to axle housing.


A weld on 1/4" thick steel bracket is built to eliminate mount deflection when the track bar moves through its full cycle. It relocates the factory Jeep track bar to retain the important factory roll center.


Front and rear bump stop extensions keep the suspension from over cycling with the increased ride height preventing damage to steering and suspension parts. The extensions utilize the factory closed cell cushions for a progressive stop at the end of the suspension travel.


The extended length front and rear sway bar links with urethane bushings reposition the bars to work within the factory operating planes. These links are provided to eliminate the sway bar from going over center and creating link bind at full extension travel.

Brake Lines Drops

Factory Jeep brake lines are relocated down with simplistic brackets for the new range of travel to prevent tugging and interfere with suspension components. The brake system does not need to be opened for these drop brackets.

Part Numbers

Qty Part # Description
1 FTS24224 Front Long Arm Kit
1 FTS24252 Rear Long Arm Kit
1 FTS24260 Rear Coil Kit
1 FTS24251 Component Box
1 FTS24268 Coilover Mount Kit
1 FTS24279 Front Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilovers
2 FTS811502 Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 Shock

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    50. Installation requires welding.
    121. Fits 6 CYL. gas models only.
    192. Exhaust modification required or order AFE P/N 48-48024 Loop Delete Pipe.
    249. For heavy offroad use, front driveshaft is required. Order FTS94057.
    250. For heavy offroad use, rear driveshaft is required. See a quality driveline supplier to order.