3″ Sport System w/ Shock Extensions – K4204

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2020-23 Jeep JL 4WD Diesel [4-DOOR]

2021-23 Jeep JL 4WD Rubicon 392 [4-DOOR]

The Sport system features coil springs that are a Dual Rate design allowing for long travel suspension use offroad with a smooth highway ride.

The first stage of the spring provides a soft ride with the ability to extend for additional travel. The second stage is designed to handle the payload of the vehicle and address large impact absorption at higher speeds.

The Dual Rate coil springs are corner specific to the JL. This keeps the vehicle level side to side while allowing for increased suspension travel.

Four bump stops extensions utilize the factory bump stops for compliant cushioning at full compression. The extensions retain the stock down travel to eliminate over cycling of the suspension and driveline.

The extended length front and rear sway bar links with urethane bushings re-position the bars to work within the factory operating planes. By extending the length of the links, it prevents the sway bar from going over center and creating bind at full extension travel.

A heavy duty rear track bar bracket re-centers the axle while retaining the factory roll center of the vehicle with the increased ride height.

What’s In The System

  • Front & Rear Dual Rate Coil Springs
  • Front & Rear Sway Bar Links
  • Front & Rear Bump Stop Extensions
  • Rear Track Bar Bracket
  • Front & Rear Shock Extensions

Part Numbers

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS24304 Component Box

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    185. Fits 4-door models only.
    243. Fits Diesel and Rubicon 392 models only.