5″ Basic Lift Kit w/Coil Spacers & Stealth Shocks – K3173M

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2019-22 Ram 2500 4WD

This high quality system has been designed to retain the factory load carrying capacity and ride of the vehicle with minimal parts.

The factory Ram Radius Arms are relocated with heavy duty 1/4” thick steel brackets for proper caster with the 5" lift. Super stout front and rear Track Bar drop brackets center the axles under the vehicle with the new ride height.

The stock coil springs are retained with angular steel spacers to retain the factory front spring bow. This is an important feature with the stock springs as Chrysler designed the bow to aid in their unique alignment specs and ride. Flat spacers do not provide this. The rear coil springs are also retained with steel spacers keeping the weight carrying capacity of the vehicle intact.

A Fabtech innovation with this Ram lift kit is the heavy duty steel front bump extensions. They retain the stock bump stop cushions for progressive damping and will not allow the suspension to over travel. This is a superior feature compared to replacement long length urethane bump stops as they can push out under harsh conditions and allow over traveling.


  • Retains factory coil springs for proper handling and load carrying capacity
  • Heavy duty Radius Arm drop brackets provide proper caster for the increased ride height
  • 1/4" thick steel bracket construction throughout for added strength
  • Includes Free 5 year 60,000 mile Powertrain warranty

Front Angled Coil Spacers

Heavy duty 1/4" thick steel spacers retain the factory springs and seat angle for proper preload bow of the springs as Chrysler designed it.

Rear Coil Spring Spacers

Fabricated 1/4" thick steel spacers provide lift with the stock rear coil springs retaining the factory load carrying capacity and ride quality.

Track Bar Brackets – Front and Rear

1/4" thick steel bracketry re-positions the factory track bars to center the axles under the vehicle with the increased lift height. Super stout box style brackets are designed to eliminate deflection when the track bars move through their full cycle.

Dropped Pitman Arm

Forged steel construction with high strength material that exceeds the factory specifications. Designed specifically for the Ram to work in conjunction with the factory drag link and Fabtech’s Track Bar bracket for proper steering functionality.

Bump Stop Brackets – Front and Rear

Heavy duty 1/4" thick steel brackets control the travel eliminating over cycling of the suspension. Super strong construction can handle the full compression impact of the Ram 2500.

Sway Bar Links

Extended length sway bar links replace factory links and cycle without binding throughout the increased ride height.

Brake Line Brackets

Repositions the factory brake lines on the axle for the new travel range without having to open the brake system. Keeps factory fluid system intact.

Stealth Shocks

These extended length monotube shocks have a Nitrocarb piston rod for corrosion resistance and resist rock chipping. Great highway ride with good offroad damping capacity.

Part Numbers

Oty Part # Description
1 FTS23209 Component Box
2 FTS6236 Front Stealth Shock
2 FTS6344 Rear Stealth Shock

  –  California Prop 65 Warning

    20. Does not fit standard cab models.
    42. Will not fit gas motors.
    130. Will not fit factory air suspension.
    208. Does not fit power wagon models.